Baguio Girl x City of Dreams – for this girl from high up the cold mountains, travelling to the big city is always a fearful event. The tiring long travel, the fear of getting lost and meeting people that are rather unkind… But for the second year now, I excitedly took that journey towards the City of Dreams – one of my favorite places in the big metro!

“Apay ngay?” you say?

The rooms & amenities: Zen inspired in dark brown & white – the rooms are just warm & comfy & with the perfect view!

The garden & the pool: For instagram purposes maybe? but just so you know – for this Baguio Girl – it’s always swimming over hiking!

The breakfast!: Nobu Hotel inspired by Chef Nobu – need I say more? This piece of heaven that I always go back to – french toast!

The casino!: We don’t have this – Baguio City is an educational center – hello?! I support that – but please don’t get me wrong – once in a while, I want to enjoy this kind of place.. with a few bills to play slots – i get to enjoy free drinks and smoke anywhere, listen to live music and just feel alta with my friends!

Kasatnu ngay?

Travel is always a breeze with Victory Liner – anyone from 2600 knows – you’ll never go wrong with “international” buses – “domestic” will always be sketchy for that Manila Trip. Cubao-Pasay is familiar – Avenida is uncharted! (that’s just for me…) get off Pasay Terminal and you’re good to go!

Grab – yes Grab! The best app to install when visiting Manila – I just feel safer with Grab drivers than the usual cab drivers who meet you at the terminal. Just say: “City of Dreams, manong!” (alam niya na kadi yun… just say it for feels! lol!)

Enjoy the lights – and when you find yourself in CoD – cute dude opening your Grab door with their wide & warm smiles you’ll know – you’re home in the big metro! – and that’s my big “apay ngay?” and it’s “mayat tupay!”