Blogapalooza2018 : ConnecteD

Their 8th and this storyteller’s second.

Too many posts about them already – the high calibre speakers, the generosity of brands, the volume of bloggers and influencers, the brilliance of Ace Gapuz, the glitz and glam of the event, that feeling of pride just being a part of it… everything true – and beyond expectations!

Fangirling over Tintin Bersola – Babao

But this is about my Blogapalooza journey… As most millennials my age (charots lang I’m 43! Haha!) I have always wanted my voice to come across – to be heard and to make a difference… besides, I really think “it’s not who speaks but who gets heard” it’s not about what you say, it’s about what they hear” words and messages and the science behind it – that, I guess, is what got me started – wanting to learn many things about social media and influencing – online & digital communications… everything about this medium – everything – to connect to this new breed of people they call millennials – because my children are; and there’s nothing that a mom would not do to learn how they speak and perceive and discern…

What started of as digital literacy sessions, study circles and photo shoots for content development and blogging became a totally different thing – it has created for me a place where I could learn from this young breed and be able to share wisdom that could only come with age – I found my nichè maybe – but to me, I have found a family!

The Other Bloggers

A family and a community!

With bloggers across the Philippines

A community that gets bigger everytime!

Blogapalooza for me is this important annual meet-up that gives us a chance to catch up with old ones, meet and learn with new ones – a reunion of sorts to collectively create clearer visions and build stronger ties. A time to discover the science and art of communication, connection and influence.

And a word from your millennialing tita – keep learning – and don’t be afraid to transcend age and generations – adjust to the changing times – adjust well, adjust fast! And I hope to see you in the next Blogapalooza! – until then, remember: #ElevateInfluence!