Friends are family you get to choose – no doubt about that. I have made a lot of friends over the years – most I have kept, many I still catch up with, some I terribly miss and a few I have lost. Regardless of years counted the stories shared and memories made make each encounter meaningful…

Tribes are different I guess, these are people you are meant to find… people you have so much in common with – you have the same vibe… easy as riding the tide and moving to a familiar rhythm…

I have always wished for aunthenticity in people – to be completely with me or not with me at all… people who do not wish to escape reality rather sit with it, look at it in the face and just let emotions take over – share stories that are meant to stir and trigger and remind.

Too many stories shared last night with a new tribe I’ve found… and some questions you also might have an answer to – and maybe, a story to share…

  • What is your most painful break-up?
  • Imagine driving around familiar places with your partner, and a place triggers a painful memory – who would you rather be? The one who cheated or the one who got cheated on?
  • How has your career evolved through the years?
  • When do you say enough is enough?
  • Can people really change? Are they even worth every chance?
  • How do you diffuse a painful memory?
  • How far have you gone in that stage of bargaining?
  • Do you say sorry for everything or for every single thing?
  • Why are babies so cute?
  • Why are we still using plastic?

Add to the list, give me answers…

To embrace nothingness.
To walk naked – soul bared to the world.
I am you and you are me. Let’s not try to escape the present. Meet me in reality.