Yes, you’ve been in Baguio City more than once, you know all the parks and the must see places – have eaten at those famous restaurants that Baguio City reviews have featured. So I Am Storyteller decided to go on a food crawl – because there’s more to Baguio City than all those usual places… Join me and The Other Bloggers as we explore more eats! Let’s #KnowBaguio #ChewsBaguio and #SupportLocal!

Grindostamp Cafe: A cafe and a restaurant that opens at 7AM! For all of you who would want to start “eatsploring” early. It’s in Villamor Street at Albergo Hotel – so close to your favorite spots: Mines’ View Park and Wright Park.

Things To Do:

  • Selfieccino: That awesome selfie coffee!
  • Food: Pasta, sandwiches, sliders and rice meals!
  • Brew It Yourself Coffee
  • Share the owner’s passion for local Benguet coffee


Blaqk Bite Street Bistro: Not your ordinary burger joint, this place – owner says “More than just a burger” and I could not disagree! You would need to go to busy Bonifacio Street near Saint Louis University, Main Campus to get to this Mexican-Italian diner. Surprisingly, despite the busy traffic outside – it’s quiet and cozy inside.

Things To Do:

  • The very first Black Burger in the Philippines
  • 99 Pesos Unli-rice Meals
  • Their Seafood Bucket
  • Ice Cream in awesome flavors!
  • Cakes!
  • Just try everything! – pasta and sandwiches… nothing disappoints!

Cafe De Angelo: It’s homey and quaint! This little, white, glass house at the Baguio City outskirts has always been one of my favorite quiet places in the city. It’s in Chapis Village – a short distance from Marcos Highway – follow the trees!

Things To Do:

  • Enjoy their freshly brewed coffee while sitting at the garden – bring a book!
  • Taste their famous quesadillas and sandwiches.
  • Chicharon Pasta!!!

Fork N’ Dagger: The Food Crawl’s dark horse! Everything about this restaurant is simply amazing! From food to place to the staff! I could say #FnD is 2018’s must-try restaurant! It’s in Nevada Square – just across the old Camp John Hay gate. Follow your nose! It’s open from 10AM to 10PM and it could get crowded so best if you make reservations: 0917 681 0056

Things To Do:

  • Dumbohalo: The biggest halo-halo in the city!
  • Barkada Meals – Boodle Fight – good for 5-6! with Pigar-Pigar, Crispy Ulo, Liempo, and more for Pork lovers (Porky-Beefy-Yummy) – comes in Chicken and Seafood versions too! No more asking what to order – They have thought of everything!
  • Street Food Corner – we all have those cravings for street barbeque – isaw, balat, chicken and pork inihaw – everything at 10 each! order as much as you want pair it with a big serving of aligue rice – satisfaction!
  • Ribs! Yes, trust me on the Pork & Dagger Ribs! 10 secret spices – BestSeller!

What’s Up Duck?!: It’s in Bakakeng Road, just a few meters away from Marcos Highway – this pinoy restaurant has quickly become one of my favorite spots! Great view, good food, WiFi, and a wide open space where I could just write all day!

Things To Do:

  • Duck dishes: Duckareta or Spick duck adobo – my favorite!
  • Order coffee and wait for the sunset! – it’s the best spot in the city!
  • After sunset, get some beer and ask them to build you a bonfire! Truly Baguio Feels!
  • If you get a little too comfortable and would not want to leave – book one of their transient rooms, spend the night, get up early for the sunrise – enjoy it with your complimentary breakfast!

Tradisyon at Azalea Baguio: Okay, so Tradisyon is in one of those usual hotels that you’ve probably heard of – Azalea Residences along Leonard Wood Road, near Teachers’ Camp- but this is Baguio City Food Scene and it still is one of my favorite buffet places! Yeah! BUFFET! in various themes! and every buffet comes with unli sweet dessert!

Things To Do:

  • Steaks, chops, pizza and pasta during Tuscany Steak Night Buffet (Saturdays)
  • Unli-Mojitos with your tacos and shawarma during Mexican-Persian Fiesta Buffet (Wednesdays)
  • Asian noodles and chopsticks night at Taste of Asia Buffet! (Fridays)
  • Filipino food! in A Buffet of Local Culinary Treasures (Thursdays)
  • An Afternoon of Unlimited Pizza and Pasta – Sundays 3pm-5pm
  • Everyday Breakfast Buffet! from 6am to 10 am
  • Brunch Buffet! Friday to Sunday 11am to 2 pm

So that wraps it up! A whole day of “eatsploring” with great company and warm business owners… so whatever being in Baguio City means to you – let’s support our local eats!

Thank you #Paymaya and Thank you everyone who made our annual #Foodcrawl a success!


*photo grabbed from EatsOA

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