My love affair with Paymaya started 2 years ago… it was a scary leap from my “no credit card – cash only” lifestyle to “plastic-electronic money”. It was just a new thing then that I have wanted to experience as part of my #MillennialingChallenge. Yes, just like most mommies and aunties and titas – i got really tired of words like “oldie”, obsolete, old fashioned, backward, and be constantly laughed at and labeled for millennially easy things that challenged me… I was raising 4 teenagers and believe me, even conversations became difficult! So the journey began… I started my blog, got on that micro influencer wagon, learned technology, ate, travelled, tried new things and practically did – with ease and dedication – things that my millennial community did. And through all these… Paymaya was there – my wireless, digital money!

Why I love Paymaya:

1. Online Shopping: Every millennialing auntie should, at least, try to shop online – those hard to find items at knock-off prices? Try Lazada and Zalora for beginners.. add those stuff in your virtual shopping cart, pay it with your electronic Paymaya money, and have it delivered in your door step! – don’t forget to use your Paymaya provided promo codes for more discounts.

2. Going Digital: Part of every millennialing journey are apps that make our lives easier and more fun – but not without a price! Like NetFlix, Spotify, upgrading your Canva, even extra Farm Heroes Saga lives! Just #PaymayaMoNow auntie!

3. Safety & Comfort: If you’re like me who’s not comfortable giving out bank and credit card details then Paymaya’s 16-digit will just about save you when booking flights, paying for your website domain, paying for your PLDT bills etc… if there’s an option to pay online – #PaymayaMoNow!

4. Loading up easy: Whether you’re buying credits for your account or expecting to be paid – putting money on your Paymaya is as easy as loading credits on your cellphone! Go to the nearest 7/11 and put credits using your phone number – so easy! Watch out for my Paymaya Tutorials on the blog soon!

5. Giving Money like Petmalu: Yes! Every auntie wants to be lodi & show off sometimes, when millennial kids ask for cellphone “load”/ credits or pay for Garena cards… auntie saves the day with Paymaya Shop. Give Paymaya cards to your kids and put their allowance in there – it will even encourage them to save and budget their money. Just go ahead and #ShareTheLove!

There are more reasons why I have stayed with Paymaya for the past two years not just the digital purchases that I could do but also the chance to enjoy life and experience new things like today’s generation – but still be able to keep my simple abundance lifestyle.


Payment channels just made everything easier for us. Paymaya is now on Facebook messenger! Our service providers gave us free access to messenger and that is why you no longer need to access your PayMaya app by using your regular data load to use its services.

PayMaya #ShareTheLove

Wouldn’t it be nice if sending money was as quick and easy as chatting on Facebook Messenger?

Wouldn’t it be nice if sending money was as quick and easy as chatting on Facebook Messenger?

Aside from sending money, PayMaya on Messenger lets you pay utility bills, buy mobile load for less, and check your PayMaya balance without leaving the Messenger app. But first, here’s what you need to know:

  • For now, it’s only available in Android devices. Apple users, stay tuned!
  • Make sure your Messenger app is up to date. Search for the Messenger app on Google Play to see if it asks you to update your app or if you’re now using the latest one.
  • Yes, you can create a PayMaya account on Messenger. It has never been easier, friends! Like in the PayMaya app, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Smart, Sun, TnT, or Globe subscriber.
  • Yes, your PayMaya account is safe on Messenger. Every transaction will ask for your Facebook password so please keep yours safe and secure. You can also trust that your funds and financial transactions are handled and kept safely in PayMaya.

It’s a great time to be a PayMaya account holder this Christmas season with lots of discounts, rebates, and freebies coming your way. Use your PayMaya to shop and complete your holiday gift list so you can share the love to family and friends during this season of giving.

Christmas is a season of giving, and we’re happy to help our customers share the love over the holidays with PayMaya. This is our way of thanking our customers in helping us achieve a very fruitful year as the leader in digital payments in the Philippines,” said Paolo Azzola, PayMaya Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director.

Get as much as P1,250 on referrals with PayMaya in Facebok Messenger

With PayMaya, it’s easy to let your friends and loved ones know that you care about them. And with PayMaya in Facebook Messenger, both of you can feel the love as well!

Simply sign up or link your existing PayMaya account in Facebook Messenger and refer friends to sign up too and you will both get P50 in your PayMaya accounts.

To do this, all you have to do is share the promo link that you will receive from PayMaya in Messenger to up to 25 friends with Android devices to start earning the referral bonus. Subscribers of all mobile network in the Philippines may sign up until December 19 and get the bonus amount, which will be credited to their accounts in 2 to 3 business days.