Someone once said that it’s difficult to be an introvert, more so if you’re in the Philippines. Our culture of pakikisama and our relationship with games and noise and tsismis makes it all the more challenging! Friends who invite you out for chika – the workplace with endless team building activities – coffee shops with noisy kolehiyalas – bars with loud yuppies… There is not a place anymore for introverts!

Don’t get us wrong, we like mostly all the same things that extroverts like the only difference is our preference. We prefer quiet over loud. We prefer space over crowd. We like to listen instead of talk. We sit still instead of walk. That’s it!

Of course we love food, and coffee, and beer – just like the 50-74% extroverts… but the places where introverts like me could get it are quite few – So, here’s my list of go-to-places-for-introverts in Baguio City!

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  • Gossip Cafe: Coffee & Food
    • Don’t be fooled with cafe – Gossip is more than that! You could stay here for hours reading a book or writing and not go hungry! They serve good food with big servings, they offer great coffee and they have corners where you can introvert all you want without being bothered – I think the walls and bean bags work because you could turn your back and enjoy your own creative bubble!
    • Find Gossip: #76 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City. They are open everyday 9AM to 11PM except on Sundays –  1PM to 11PM. Call them at 074-422-8661 and like them on Facebook! @gossipcoffeeshop

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  • Arca’s Yard:  Food
    • Because nothing relaxes an introvert more than me time with nature – this place offers the perfect backdrop for your alone time – the mountains! it’s a house turned restaurant with all rooms open and functional there is always a corner for you! A library too! enjoy your book with food fit-for-king! Don’t forget to order their famous Camote Pie!
    • Find Arca’s Yard: Ambuklao Road, Baguio City. They are open everyday from 9AM to 8PM. Call them at 0929-325-1868 and like them on Facebook! @Arcas-Yard-Baguio

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  • Kalye Uno Restobar & Grill: Food
    • Introverts get tired around people, and being in crowded places, standing in line and hearing loud conversations just spoils our meal time! I know I get overwhelmed around people that’s why when I found this place – it was splendid! The whole place just spells comfort! Vintage stuff decorates the place, it’s bamboo-clad and gives a  cozy feel, and the food are simply prepared but it brings you back to grandma’s cooking. Without a doubt – Kalye Uno is one of my favorite restaurants in Baguio. Their sinampalukang manok is a must try.
    • Find Kalye Uno: #1 J. Felipe Street, Gibraltar Baguio City, it’s open everyday from 9AM to 10PM. Call them at 074-424-3173. They’re on Facebook! @KalyeUnoRestobarAndGrill

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  • Baguio Craft Brewery: Beer & Food
    • Beer is universal I believe – but where you get it defines our personality – I could honestly say that no bar in Baguio City is as inclusive as BCB. When you want to mix work and beer – this is the best place for you – I usually go straight to their beer garden at around 5PM – order my favorite brew and start writing – the mountain view works like magic! My after hours usually start at around 8PM, and right about that time people start to come in and music starts being loud so I move to their less crowded and smoke-free Speakeasy for my cocktails before going home. The only way to chill when introverting.
    • The most delightful surprise though would be their food! They offer the best ribs in town and beer grubs to go with your perfectly crafted beer and you would agree with me that BCB is the best bar in the city.
    • Find Baguio Craft Brewery: Km.4 Marcos HIghway Baguio City, opens at 5PM on weekdays and 1PM on weekends. Call them 074-620-2278. IG & FB @BaguioCraftBrewery to know what’s new.

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  • Bay Leaf Restaurant ( by Cris d’ Cuisine): Food
    • My go-to-place for food that never disappoint! Order anything on their menu and I guarantee satisfaction – in taste, size and price! Instagram worthy too – both plate and place. Chef Maricris has cooked for anyone who’s anyone in Baguio City so don’t be left out. It’s a wonderfully converted garage with a chic feel you just feel at ease sitting there and enjoying their delectable food. Not too cramped to my liking too! Bay Leaf Restaurant is your must experience restaurant in Baguio City.
    • Find Bay Leaf Restaurant: #390-B Happy Homes, Old Lucban, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City. It’s open from 9AM-10PM everyday. Call them at 0915-437-5926. Like them on Facebook @Bay-Leaf-Restaurant-by-Cris-D-Cuisine.


So there you have it! My go to places for food, coffee, and beer! Watch out for more and #KnowYourBaguio from the eyes of your Auntie! Cheers!