Here are a few tips on “How-To-Wagwag in Baguio City” from Baguio peeps who have mastered the art of UkayUkay!

Tip 1: The Life Cycle of Wagwag: Yes may life cycle ang wagwag… Wagwag Boss opens the box: “selection team” get’s first dibs on everything – they start looking for brands then passes it on to their partner who then checks for damage – missing buttons or holes or check if brand is legit. This usually happens doors closed and of course they are priced a bit higher because of quality – For comparison purposes let’s say 200 pesos. These items will soon be found on your pre-loved online shops or in small fancy boutiques in the city – with other brand new items you would not even know that you’re purchasing a wagwag!

After the “selection team” wagwag items are then hanged in the “new arrival” section where they stay for about a month, price is still a bit high at 150-180 pesos (compared to 200 pesos selection price)

After a month or two, these items are then moved to the “SALE!” section – where they are priced at 120-150 still pricey for some- so you just have to wait for another month before it moves to the “in box” section where they are priced at about 50-100 pesos.

If a shop owner gets lucky and someone “takes all” for 20 a piece – you’ll find that cute top sold for 3 for 100 at Block 3 or at The Night Market… so if you’re from Baguio – keep your eye on that piece and start moving it to less visible areas of the shop.. 😂😂😂 If you’re not from Baguio-The cheapest items are at the night market.

Tip 2: Wool will shrink! Yes it’s soft and fits you perfect – but if you’re not careful it shrinks to toddler size after laundry – don’t buy wool!

Tip 3: Bring a flashlight! You don’t want to be home looking at purple flats because you saw it black at the night market… besides – some flaws hide at night – you know what I mean.

Tip 4: Haggle! Do it moderately… your 50%off starting bid won’t work here – the lowest you could go is rounding it off to the nearest 00 – 65 to 60 or 2 for 100. 120/130 to 100.

Tip 5: When you see it – buy it! These items move fast so when you see something you like – get it or reserve it.

Tip 6: The ukay ukay is the perfect place for your DIY materials, buy those items for their buttons or fabric or beads – it will be a lot cheaper compared to craft stores.

Tip 7: Use your body to measure clothes – you don’t want to be fitting all these clothes once you’re there… before shopping, get clothes from your closet that fit you perfectly then start measuring it with your arms for width and diameter or your legs for length – it will save you time – guaranteed!

Tip 8: Dress up for UkayUkay! wear comfortable shoes that you could walk with for hours – no lace in case you’d be shopping for shoes too! Wear shorts/leggings and a tight sleeveless top for easier fitting so you won’t be taking it off all the time – patong patong na lang!

Tip 9: Know your brands! It’s no surprise that these people know Gucci, Nike, Zara & Chanel – of course they do! everybody does!- and they’re priced accordingly… but other fashion brands like ALYX, Uniqlo, Vetements, OAMC are on that not so famous pile and now that’s where you get great finds! wagi!

Tip 10: Know what you want! don’t be overwhelmed with all the clothes and start buying things that you can’t wear.. if you need a jacket – that’s what you look for and that’s what you buy… stop buying everything that you see just because it’s cheap.

There! our 10 Tips on how to ukay like a pro! Remember, you always get your money’s worth, but if you do it smart – you get more!

If you have more ukay tips, leave a comment!