“Not having a job is not simply a question of not having the means to life: NO. We can eat every day, we can go to welfare, we can go to an association, a club, we can go there and they will give us something to eat. But this is not the problem. The problem is not being able to bring bread to the table at home: this is a serious problem, this takes away our dignity. And the most serious problem is not hunger, even though the problem exists. The most serious problem is that of dignity. For this reason we must work and defend the dignity that work gives us.” A quote from Pope Francis: during a pastoral visit to the Italian region of Molise, July 5, 2014

Power Source Success Academy


Did you know that Power Source Success Academy was brought about by the need for jobs? We believe that people need to make money to enjoy the world more. Nothing is as rewarding than seeing those who come to us financially empowered and ready to take on life after training and coaching with us.

We started as a confidence & communications academy to train people to speak and be ready to work in a call center – a booming industry that employs millions of Filipinos- until now.

But for the past years universities have come to us to train their graduating students and prepare them for employment. Local Government Units have asked our help to teach their constituents & beneficiaries leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Some private companies too have sought our services from corporate skills enhancement workshops to team building sessions. We take pride in our continuously expanding network.

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