In our effort to understand our kids, the inner vine star must be unleashed. It is a little awkward trying to speak millennial – with our age and borderline normcore sense of fashion. But it’s not really for us to be able to talk but for us to better understand.

It is a struggle to talk to our kids now a days, quite embarrassing even to ask what some words mean. Let me give you an example:

Mom: “I love you baby!”

Daughter: “Yeah mom, that’s pretty basic”

Mom: “It sure is love!”

Daughter: “Can’t even!”

Mom: -left puzzled

Mom was pretty clear but daughter was speaking millennial or  maybe the daughter was pretty clear and mom was just being teek? (teek means old timer) However way you want to see it – the disconnect is obvious. The generation gap just gets in the way of our communication and eventually our relationships… So what did they actually mean?

Mom: “I love you daughter!”

Daughter: “That is cliche! can’t you be more original?

Mom: “Of course I love you!”

Daughter: “You’re creepy! I Can’t stand this anymore!”

Mom: What just happened?

Conversations like this affects us more than our kids can imagine. It makes us question our ability to be good parents or it frustrates us that we could not connect to people who mean the world to us… We know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus… but our kids are like in a different time and place and we just could not see ourselves being a part of their world – and it’s terrifying. To be left out.

So a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do! Here’s a guide – I know it’s not much, you can add your  little discoveries too at the comments and lets start millennialing!