It’s sad that without deadlines most procrastinators stay and dwell in unhappiness and longing. Without it we don’t seem to feel the urgency of living a life of fulfillment and happiness. Break the chains of procrastination and start living the life you deserve.

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Deadlines are good… It makes us panic and grind – without it, we’ll find ourselves stuck in bed for weeks catching up on our TV series or mindlessly scrolling up and down our phone stalking people on Facebook or glued on YouTube for days!
A task that needs to be done gets done – bills are paid, papers are finished, emails are sent, projects are completed. Deadlines are good.

But procrastination is deadlier than what we think – it’s beyond tasks and projects that need completion that we put off till the last minute. It’s about a life purpose that needs to be taken… Happiness that needs to take place – but procrastinators delay it until… But wait! There’s no deadline! Yes. There’s no deadline for happiness and dreams – and some people just delay it year after year after year… And that’s when procrastination becomes really deadly!

Delaying a…

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