If you happen to choose Baguio City for a getaway – then you better expect surprises like extreme cold, rainy afternoons, lazy mornings or traffic that gets a bit heavy! That’s why choosing a hotel to prepare for these unique Baguio City conditions should be on top of your list to avoid drawback on your trip.

So here are your top 5 Reasons to Pick: Villa Cordillera!

#BaguioFeels – Of course you’re here because you’ve heard of the city’s remarkable ambiance! Cold foggy afternoons, crisp & fresh breeze, gardens and pine trees, enjoying a cup of brewed coffee in a veranda while looking at perfectly manicured lawns. Walking from one park to another without breaking a sweat and everything is just fresh and green and chilly.  Sitting by a fireplace – in a warm and cozy couch; wood panels and rustic, log-cabin-in-the-woods feel. Sadly – not all accommodations in the city could provide that, you don’t want to end up smack middle of the city and spending your visit in your usual fast food chains, listening to cars and the city hustle and bustle – we’re a big city and it could get busy at the CBD! Villa Cordillera, however, provides the feel that you have seen on travel magazines. Located at Outlook Drive – where you still have trees and breeze and a view of the Baguio Country Club golf course. Their rooms are spacious with the wood panels and Cordillera feel that you want, and Yes! a fire place!

#FollowMe – With the city gaining popularity and with access getting better, more and more people choose Baguio for weekends and long holidays like in February, or in December, especially in summer! Most visitors complain of heavy traffic and difficulty in getting from one place to another. Not a big problem if you’re at Villa Cordillera – It’s close to Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Mansion House, Wright Park, Botanical Garden and the city too – if you wish to visit our famous night market.

#Food – We travel to see and experience. Visual impressions at the villa are simply Instagram-worthy! Now the food. Introducing! The Other Office – they are in charge of food at the villa. Breakfast buffet in the weekends, their famous breads and pastries, freshly brewed coffee and dishes that are simply gastronomical! Praise worthy would be their Paella and Bulalo for your big lunch cravings.  You’ll never go hungry at the villa. Not too pricey even! – considering that your chef comes from the famous BCC kitchen.

#Fun – In a laid back city like Baguio – we find it difficult to find things to do after dark. Still, at The Other Office, fun and recreation is taken cared of. A game of billiards or  darts for the competitive bunch, live band music with cocktails and pub grubs. You’ll never run out of things to do – even at night. For those who want quiet – just chilling by the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book.

#Friends – Since Villa Cordillera is an extension of Baguio Country Club expect the same level of service that the club offers. Warm and gracious and accommodating! From the hotel staff to the wait staff everybody at the Villa is just happy that you dropped by to visit.

Photo Credits: Shemen Padua