What I was doesn’t define me.
If you’re talking about the old me and how I was back in the days. That’s just a small part of who I am now.

I respect your memories of me – in whatever form or color… And I hope you respect mine too, even if it has a different shade from what you remember… You see, your truth is different from mine…

Life is full of it – events and snapshots and memories.. Some linger some don’t… I get to choose what stays – it’s still my head & my clutter..you have the same choice too.

But should you choose to define me based on a decade old memory; please don’t expect me to acknowledge; you haven’t been there long enough to watch my story unfold..

And in case you haven’t noticed.. The earth orbits.. Time doesn’t stop… And even if punk’s not dead David Bowie is. Go to a bus station… Watch the buses come & go… They leave and move on even without you…don’t you think it’s time you move on too?