“They say that an ink is an earned right… A story just waiting to be told…

This is a story of family and courage. Pinakamasakit na kuwento ng buhay ko! The mistakes that tore us apart. The sacrifices & struggles that we had to go through until we found our way back to each other…

“Mine is a story worthy to be told by the same woman who has marked head hunters and warriors…


I am no tribal leader but that chapter in my life made me stronger & wiser… That journey from rock bottom up made me realize what I am truly made of… I am faith, I am joy, I am love. I am a warrior in my own right.

This, however, isn’t just my story… This is the story of us… Of mothers lost and children left behind… Of putting faith in Time no matter how cruel it is… Of holding on to Love when all else fails… Of choosing Joy to be constant… Of surrendering to survive…

“Meet my storyteller… Wang-od.”
Wang-od- story teller
Yes, this is my battle scar!
It may be a very painful story but it is mine. It represents the story of my life. Yung kuwento na ayaw mo na lang ulit ulitin kasi ang sakit sakit… Pero ayaw mong kalimutan kasi andami mong natutunan… Forgetting it will be a betrayal to the memory… It is my reminder of the greatest lesson of my life… A tribute to our courage and love.

And meet Wang-od, my story teller. Some would get an author to have their story written on paper – and then keep a book… I choose to get a magbabatok to have it on my skin – and then keep a tattoo. Besides, mas sur-yal!* 🙂

*sur-yal- surreal

Video Credit:
Wex Islander