Known as La Trinidad’s Mini Pulag; Welcome to Mt. Yangbew or Mt. Jambo!

The Backpacker from Baguio Tips:
What to Wear: Your usual day hike wear will be fine – make sure you could walk! It could get cold and windy at the top in the afternoon so bring a light jacket. The hike going up is short but steep & dry- wear your most comfortable shoes and wear a hat for protection. It’s the grasslands so it’s mainly brown & green – wear something of contrast – bright & colorful to blend with the backdrop. 😉
What to Expect: A short steep 1 KM ascent –  difficulty depends on your readiness. The hike wouldn’t take an hour. There will be clouds in the afternoon so start early if you want blue skies. They have horses! It costs Php350/hour & a must try for everyone! Locals get discounts of course!. Take great pictures at the boulders and rock formations! Best time to go will be in the morning for sunrise or in the afternoon for sunset. You could also do overnight camping! The view of the valley is breath taking!
Bring: Water! No water source in the area so best if you bring your supplies. No stores at the summit so bring food! Umbrella or tent & picnic mats if you plan to stay there a little longer. Bring your tripods or selfie sticks for taking pictures. Just in case: flashlight & first aid kit.

How To Get To Mt. Jambo
1. Getting there is quite challenging especially if you’re not familiar with La Trinidad area, so it’s best to commute. Get the jeepney going to Tawang and ask the driver to drop you off at the Mt. Yangbew jump off. Some taxi drivers are not familiar with the place so ask first before getting on the cab. If you’re driving from Baguio City- best route will be Ambiong-Tawang.
2. Registration Area is at the summit so don’t waste any more time looking for it at the jump off, start walking and just pay 30 pesos if you meet them. 🙂
3. You could hike going up or you could ask our favorite pony boy to come pick you up – his number is available upon request. – contact Destination ico.

Backpacker Notes: Although it’s considered a mini climb, prepare for it! wear comfortable shoes. Easy on the water – we can’t stress this enough! Avoid gulping water when you’re really tired and catching your breath. Rest before drinking. Be responsible of your trash and avoid littering. Bring a whistle just in case.. 😉

Review: 4/5
-Provide more road signs going to the jump-off.
-Trash bins and bonfire pits are starting to destroy the beautiful landscape.
-Registration area should be at the jump off & please issue valid receipts.
-If LTB plans to promote Mt. Yangbew as a tourist destination, they should start creating and implementing guidelines as early as now – for environment & visitors’ safety.