Dear Bashers,

Maybe it did hit you guys hard that’s
why you reacted the way you did… I won’t apologize ever writing those things as I am, just like you, entitled to my own opinion. I approved your comments didn’t I? That’s a small price to pay for self expression and being heard.

Article & Bashers comments are here:
Dear Baguio Visitors

My two cents.. Dalawa lang talaga!

I’m not in public office so I can’t draft laws… Nor am I a rich powerful person who could build huge¬† parking spaces for you & your cars or donate really big garbage bins and eventually a land that you could fill with trash! At lalong hindi ko alam kung saan napupunta ang pera ng Baguio na galing sa buwis at turista… Wala po sa akin! Pramis!

Simpleng social media influencer lang ako and this is what influencers do best… We write & hope that we get our messages across… It got to you – buti naman.. :p

I was born & raised here and my heart bleeds na konti na lang ang shoe shine boys at pony boys… Wala na yung mga puno at wala na yung kinalakihan kong local restaurants… I can still hear the 6o’Clock Angelus from Cathedral but nobody stops anymore, sometimes I wonder if you have heard it… At totoong tagaBaguio ka kung alam mong back in the days, naririnig mo pa kung anong signal ang bagyo because you could hear the alarm from The City Hall… Just a few things that we could not have back any more… Konti lang talaga yan because Baguio peeps could add more to this “Baguio Back In The Days” list… But I guess you wouldn’t understand kahit pa pahabain namin ang listahan.

That’s it! My two-cents for these bashers!
1. Bloggers could only do so much; If you want more – go do it and get it yourself.
2. I love my hometown and your insulting words and below-the-belt comments just made it personal…
I will hunt you… I will find you… And I will give you pinetree seedlings to plant para mabawasan ang guilt mo!

But then again, some might not share my opinion… So bahala na sila sa inyo; I am posting some of your really nasty comments for them to see.. Goodluck!

Seriously? Nasa bahag era ka pa rin? Move on! yuck!


Dumadayo ka nga dito di ba? Umayos ka nga! Yuck!


Eh di ikaw na ang local ng Benguet na tumawag sa akin ng “bay!” Sus!


Sincerely yours,

The Backpacker From Baguio