PicsArt_1362292175727For someone who grew up in Baguio City, it has always been a favorite joke to tell people that the city is cold because of our centralized air-conditioning system; and then point at the Mickey Mouse ears on top of Mt. Cabuyao.

Long before the La Presa phonemenon brought about by a TV Network’s drama series, this mountain has been a famous day hike destination; runners take the road to practice for a marathon; climbers take the two famous assaults that locals call “short cut” as pre-climb to prepare for more difficult climbs like Mt. Pulag. For the more seasoned mountaineers- they take the less talked about Andolor Trail. Some just drive to the top in the afternoon to have a perfect view of the China Sea sunset or in the morning to experience Baguio City’s own version of the Bed of Clouds.

My personal favorite? Being in Mt. Cabuyao at night and looking at Baguio City Lights; my next favorite thing to do there: Coffee and pandesal at manang’s store.

For a truly laid back Baguio experience, climb Mt. Cabuyao and discover that just like any other Cordillera destination, it has rice terraces and burial caves and a lot of warm smiles!